Start Seeing Spiritual Portals!

Presented By: Lelan Harris
  • Have you ever stepped between two boulders and felt a shiver of transition?
  • Have you ever walked into the midst of a triangle or circle or square of trees and felt a spiritual presence?
  • Have you ever experienced the wind speak?
  • Has your heart ever skipped a beat when a spirit animal appeared out of nowhere?
  • Has your body ever shivered in the presence of a sunrise or sunset?
  • Has your soul ever ignited at the precise moment of a solar or lunar eclipse?
These are examples of “thin places” in the veil that separate earth and heaven.  A thin place describes a moment in time and space when the sacred and the secular touch, when the existential distance between the physical and spiritual worlds suddenly but softly disappears.  We catch glimpses of the divine, discover the transcendent, meet the infinite, experience union, or immerse in oneness.

In contrast, we may say that "spiritual portal" experiences occur when Spirit steps through a thin place and engages us in our material reality . . . and/or when we step through a thin place to engage Spirit in their spiritual reality. Ancient prophets, mystery school initiates, and Celtic Christians were among those highly attuned to such encounters. They experienced portals as participatory realities beyond time and space, where linear time becomes spiral duration, when dimensional place becomes interdimensional potentiality.


Lelan Harris is a founding member and the executive director of Wise Cosmos Educational Initiative.  He is an experiential explorer and integrative practitioner of many human development and spiritual paths.  For Lelan, every day is an adventure of discovering the wisdom of the cosmos -- God in every guise -- and then sharing those treasures through healing, coaching, serving, and pioneering.  Lelan has been married to Julie for over 30 years, and among their greatest delights together is playing in and with nature through every season, ecosystem, and altitude; self-guided town and country tours; plus art, music, and dance.


This is a free article by Lelan Harris about some of his experiences with spiritual "thin places" and "portals" during his backpacking “thru-hike” of the Border Route Trail in northern Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.  More than a straightforward backpacking trip, it was a spiritual pilgrimage: part vision quest, part healing odyssey, part rite of passage, part culmination of a 14-year period in his spiritual formation journey.
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