Astrology of Plagues: Pandemics in the Light of Star Wisdom

Presented By: Brian Gray, Robert Schiappacasse, and David Tresemer
The pandemic presently gripping the world shows signs of continuing to harass humanity for some time.  A study of pandemics through history reveals interesting patterns.  Spiritual science helps us to find causes and responses, assisted by an understanding of events in the life of Christ.  Seen historically or mytho-poetically, exploring these patterns and responses can strengthen us to deal with our challenging times.
This course goes beyond personal biography to world events, yet comes back to how individuals may respond in their own life.
Session 1:  Patterns in Pandemics
Using the lens of star wisdom (astrosophy), we examine the present pandemic and others throughout history to show patterns in celestial events in relation to these phenomena.
Session 2:  Background to Pandemics
The spiritual research of Rudolf Steiner points to unexpected and surprising causes and effects of pandemics, with which each of us must grapple.
Session 3:  Assistance from Christology
Whether you appreciate Christ events as history or as mytho-poetic artistic activity, understanding the Christ Impulse can help us find our place and roles in the present drama.

$90 for the three-session online course (5 hours).
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