Guidance in Esoteric Training

Presented By: Lelan Harris
Aligning with the 21st Century Michaelic Impulse

A free, weekly online Zoom study group.
As of August 2021 there are 266 registrants from 34 countries.

Humanity is at a cusp point.  On the one side we are being offered unprecedented opportunities for a spiritual evolutionary leap forward.  On the other side are increasingly intense temptations that could tip us over the brink into the abyss.

Fortunately, there is nothing to fear!  Each of us was born for this moment in human history.  It is our individual and collective destiny to be incarnated on Earth at this very moment in time for the express purpose of choosing humanity’s future history.  This isn’t our first cusp point – we have been here before:
     “See, I bring to you the opportunity for life and
      prosperity, or the option of death and destruction.
     This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses that
     I have given you the choice between life or death,
     blessings or curses.  Choose life, that all may be well
     with you – for you and your children.  Love God, walk
     on the true paths of Spirit, follow the wisdom of 
     pure spiritual laws.  If you do these things you will
     live and increase, and God will bless you in the new
     territory you are entering that was prepared for you
     in ages past.”
     (Paraphrase of Deuteronomy 30:15, 16, 19).
Yet questions arise.  What does it mean to love God, walk on the truth paths of Spirit, and follow the wisdom of pure spiritual laws?  Where may we find guidance and training for this kind of spiritual life?
People have been coming to me on an increasingly frequent basis with these kinds of very real questions and true concerns:
<>  I know I am on the correct spiritual path, but I feel so alone because no one truly understands who I am becoming.  Where can I find relationships and a community that will accept my spiritual experiences as true?

<>  Spirits come to me a lot, but I don’t know what to do.  Is there any good advice for me?

<>  I have been doing spiritual exercises for a long time, yet I still don’t have more than fleeting glimpses of what other people describe as experiencing God or Oneness or Enlightenment or supersensible perception.  What am I doing wrong?

<>  I am young, just starting out, still seeking a spiritual path that will be a good fit for me.  How do I find the right one?

<>  Everyone tells me that the most important questions I am asking have no answer, or that it’s a mystery of God beyond human comprehension.  Yet something inside me just knows there are answers.  Where are they to be found?

<>  I feel destined for great things, but I can’t seem to get any traction.  I start out filled with inspiration and energy, but everything I try eventually grinds down to a halt.

<>  I am coming to a place of trusting my clairvoyant abilities.  However, I am still concerned about how to recognize and protect myself from the dangers of dark spirits.

<>  I have made good spiritual progress in the past, but have hit some kind of wall that I can't find a way through, around, or over.  Now what do I do?

<>  I have been having experiences of truly terrifying demonic possession.  Can you help me?

<>  After a lifetime on the road of rock ‘n’ roll, drugs, and sex, I finally found Rudolf Steiner, and through him found Christ.  I am grateful for Steiner and love Christ, but I can’t seem to find any Christians or anthroposophists – or frankly anyone spiritual – who really understands and accepts me.  How do I find “my people”?

<>  Is it true that the antichrist and other adversarial beings talked about in the Book of Revelation and other sources have already incarnated?
This course offers information and counsel for challenging questions such as these, plus offers insight and help for all the apparent obstacles and impediments that seem to hinder our spiritual progress. 
Each week’s free two-hour session includes:  

●  Experiences of grounding & connecting, alignment, and opening sacred space, as well as developing relationships with Christ and Sophia, angelic beings, and the so-called dead;

●  Developmental spiritual formation teaching based upon or related to Rudolf Steiner’s book, Guidance in Esoteric Training;

●  A time for all of us to be both co-learners and co-teachers as we share our stories and discoveries, our questions and answers; and

●  Spiritual development exercises.
Our weekly gatherings welcome everyone seeking and striving to become a “fully upright” human being characterized by freedom and love.  Together we “endeavor to unite the spiritual element within the human being to the spiritual in the universe” (Rudolf Steiner).
Outside of the weekly gatherings, assistance and opportunities are available for small groups that wish to focus on particular research questions or spiritual development work.  Individualized healing and mentoring is also available.  Developmental and co-creative positions as volunteers, interns, apprentices, partners, and staff are also available for qualified applicants.

Guidance in Esoteric Training: From the Esoteric School
Selected from material given by Rudolf Steiner to members of his Esoteric School (1904–1914), the book by that title features exercises, meditations, and practices for spiritual self-development.  In contrast to Eastern methods of inner development, these arise from the Western stream, adapted fully to modern consciousness.
Various exercises are given – for morning and evening, for the days of the week, and for the months of the year.  Also included are numerous explanations that can deepen and enhance meditative work, including several articles on inner development and the obstacles one faces on the way to true self-awareness.
This compilation contains clarifications of the exercises, descriptions of future world and human evolution, and advice that Steiner gave later in his life on the nature of "refined breathing" exercises, as well as ancient and modern methods of initiation.
This is an invaluable resource for all those who are serious about inner development, regardless of one’s chosen path.
The Alchemy of Spiritual Evolution
The alchemy of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary cannot be fully explained, yet the processes can be discovered, discussed, learned, and experienced.  The weaving paths, stages, and levels of transformational development and spiritual evolution go by many names, including these:

        Becoming Like Christ
        Eternal Life
        Experiencing God
        I AM Consciousness
        Mystical Union
        Sophia Wisdom
        Supersensible Perception
        Unconditional Love
        Universal Awareness
Whatever your current spiritual path or goal, this Guidance in Esoteric Training series can help and support your progress. 


Most video recordings are about 2 hours in length.

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This weekly gathering began on Wednesday, November 11, 2020 (Martinmas).  At this time there is no scheduled meetings.

**Currently, the weekly live GET sessions are paused.  However, the majority of the 48 recorded sessions are available for your edification.

Registration is free and provides permanent access to video replays of all sessions, plus all handouts and other "going deeper" materials.  Each session builds upon the previous ones.

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All sessions are video recorded and made available to registered participants.  Each participant has control of both their camera and microphone, either or both of which may be turned off at any time so as to not be recorded.  Beyond this, each video is professionally edited, which includes removing anything participants share that may be considered too personal outside the live session.

Nevertheless, it is important to realize that the transformational power of this group is enabled by participants sharing their personal stories, questions, and epiphanies in authentic and appropriate ways.  Those participants in the live sessions who permit themselves to be recorded offer the other students around the world an awesome and incomparable spiritual gift.


Lelan Harris is a founding member and the executive director of Wise Cosmos Educational Initiative.  He is an experiential explorer and integrative practitioner of many human development and spiritual paths.  For Lelan, every day is an adventure of discovering the wisdom of the cosmos -- God in every guise -- and then sharing those treasures through healing, coaching, serving, and pioneering.  Lelan has been married to Julie for over 30 years, and among their greatest delights together is playing in and with nature through every season, ecosystem, and altitude; self-guided town and country tours; plus art, music, and dance.