Natural Initiation -- Everything Happens For A Reason

Presented By: Lelan Harris
Disease, parenting, mental illness, marriage, war, pandemics, racism, encounters with evil, and so many other challenges of the 21st century are paths of natural initiation.  Do you know anyone who is experiencing any of those things?
Rudolf Steiner teaches that initiation "is a matter of the spiritual world; it has to approach us".  He goes on to say that the process is a "series of threshold experiences".  Steiner further indicates that if human beings don't engage the process consciously, the spiritual world initiates (pun intended) it in our lives unconsciously.  
Lelan Harris draws upon the teachings of Rudolf Steiner -- including Stages of Christian Initiation, and Earlier Initiation and Esoteric Christianity -- plus Baruch Luke Urieli’s Learning to Experience the Etheric World, as well as his own experiences, to illuminate characteristics of both unconscious and conscious initiation.
The presentation was interspersed with reflection exercises, question and answer times, and “real world” examples helping participants learn how to recognize the spiritual world inviting and activating initiation in every human being.
Developing the capacity to perceive initiation experiences in ourselves and others reaps a continuous stream of “good news” as humanity moves into the years ahead.


Lelan Harris is a founding member and the executive director of Wise Cosmos Educational Initiative.  He is an experiential explorer and integrative practitioner of many human development and spiritual paths.  For Lelan, every day is an adventure of discovering the wisdom of the cosmos -- God in every guise -- and then sharing those treasures through healing, coaching, serving, and pioneering.  Lelan has been married to Julie for over 30 years, and among their greatest delights together is playing in and with nature through every season, ecosystem, and altitude; self-guided town and country tours; plus art, music, and dance.


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