Living in Love in the Service of Michael - Inspiring Humanity's Path Forward Into Freedom

Presented By: Brian Gray
Rudolf Steiner describes Earth evolution as consisting of two phases – Mars and Mercury.  In this inspiring presentation, Brian Gray describes humanity’s path forward.  Within the Mars phase of Earth evolution, forces of aggression and self-interest dominate our consciousness, affecting how we interact with one another and the world.  The Mars phase is crucial for individual development – we need to develop a strong sense of self on our path toward becoming free and loving individuals.  Buddha gave the Eightfold Path – a series of soul exercises to help us tame our aggressive Mars natures.  Christ then kindled the seed of Mercury forces​ by lovingly uniting with humanity​ – bestowing on each of us our true higher "I" to transform self-interest into freedom and love for others and for the world.  We may now cultivate the curative forces of Mercury to heal the wounds inflicted by our self-interest and aggression, transforming​ them into​ devotion and​ loving interest in the world and others.  ​The Archangel ​Michael serves as "the countenance of Christ", illuminating our path to becoming Spirits of Freedom and Love.  Rudolf Steiner gives profound descriptions of the true nature of love in many sources mentioned in this presentation.  To this is added the verse, "Victorious Spirit!", which holds the key to progress on our path of development, how we can live in love in the service of Michael and the Christ. 

Brian Gray is a Founding Member of Wise Cosmos Educational Initiative and is its current President of the Board of Directors.  Brian is a teacher, lecturer, and writer on many topics drawn from Anthroposophy – the work of Rudolf Steiner.  He loves to share research from the realms of star wisdom, biography, cosmology, Waldorf Education, sacred architecture, and esoteric Christianity. Brian was a core faculty member at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California for 38 years, and also served as RSC’s Director of the Foundation Program from 1991-1998, and again from 2006-2016. 


Video length = 1 hour, 21 minutes.

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