A New Astrology: Basics of Star Wisdom - Series 1

Presented By: Brian Gray, Robert Schiappacasse, and David Tresemer
This 6-session online course covers the basics of astrosophy (which means “star wisdom”).  There are few courses in Western sidereal astrology based in anthroposophy, and none with the approach this group has developed.  Given the uniqueness of this program, let’s begin at the beginning – your beginning!
What if your first breath was not random?
Consider the idea that your first in-breath at birth was not random, but coordinated with positions and movements in the starry heavens, that the dazzling beings of the heavens influence our lives intimately.  We will begin with this as a hypothesis, and through the course you will learn how to test and evaluate it for yourself.  We will use the instrument of the StarHouse to support this exploration.
Drawing on our extensive experience in star wisdom, we will provide you with instructions for creating your birth chart and assist you in learning to interpret not only your own chart, but also the birth-moment charts of others.
Whether you are an experienced astrologer or astrosopher, or you are new to these pursuits, this course will benefit anyone serious about self-knowledge – and assisting others – through the lens of star wisdom.
The sessions in this Series 1 will ground you in the basics of astrosophy, and will serve as a prerequisite for additional courses in the New Astrology series, should you wish to take your explorations even further.

Each session includes a recording of a live Zoom call with a wealth of information shared by Brian, Robert, and David.  Also included are handouts and homework relevant to the theme of each session.
Session 1: Wonder
The heavens seem so far away – or are they?  The first evidence of their influence in our lives is our physical bodies.  We find the path to stars and planets through the physical body.  Rudolf Steiner recommended that one begin one’s exploration of the cosmos and existence through wonder at the physical level – and we will do just that.  We will also take a first look at your sidereal birth chart.  {Instructions are provided for creating your chart in the recommended form.}
Session 2: The Zodiac in Depth
The activity of the twelve great Beings of the zodiac was revealed to the initiates of ancient times and passed on to us.  What was the imagination Zarathustra experienced while gazing into the heavens?
Session 3: The Planets as Purveyors of Feeling
While Sun and Moon dominate our experience of the sky, it is the wandering stars – the planets – that engage our attention: for example, when Venus shines out strongly, or Jupiter chases Saturn for a rare conjunction.  How can we discover the impacts these planets have on our lives?  How can we work with the existence and movement of these planets against the backdrop of the zodiac?
Session 4: Birth Chart Aspects – Qualities of Relationship
Aspects reveal the interactions between the different planetary bodies.  The quality of their relationships with each other is key to understanding our life of feeling.
Session 5: Birth Chart Houses – The Human Life Cycle
Houses give the most delicate details of how the celestial alignments and activities at the moment of first breath provide a picture of each human being’s choices regarding how to engage life.

Session 6: Bonus Question & Answer Time
Brian, Robert, and David answer several substantive questions submitted by participants.  This session also includes an in-depth biography through an exploration of a famous artist's birth chart.


Brian Gray
Teacher at Rudolf Steiner College for 38 years, author of star wisdom articles (Journal for Star Wisdom), and presenter of many anthroposophy courses with Wise Cosmos Educational Initiative.

Robert Schiappacasse
Involved for many years in Waldorf education, author of star wisdom articles (Journal for Star Wisdom), and co-author of the book Star Wisdom & Rudolf Steiner.

David Tresemer, PhD
Founder of StarHouse, author of star wisdom articles (Journal for Star Wisdom), co-author of Star Wisdom & Rudolf Steiner, and author of other books.

10/01/2020 - 10/29/2020
Cost = $150

Course length:  Six video recorded sessions, each running approximately 2 hours.
Wise Cosmos Educational Initiative
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