The Grand Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn

Presented By: Brian Gray, Robert Schiappacasse, and David Tresemer
A Three-Part Series Recorded Between September and December 2020

Every twenty years, Jupiter and Saturn stand at the same place in the heavens.  Throughout history, this “grand conjunction” has been seen as a harbinger of world change, and this time it occurred at the end of 2020.
What makes this particular event extremely rare is that Jupiter and Saturn will also be conjunct Pluto – we are living in very rare times, indeed!  The close, mutual interplay of these three planets (the last comparable occurrence was in 1285) will continue to impact us for years to come.  Our research has shown astonishing interconnections between these planetary phenomena, world events, and the 2020 U.S. election year. 
In this three-part series, Brian Gray, Robert Schiappacasse, and David Tresemer share patterns learned from past conjunctions, challenges and opportunities at this time in America's destiny, and the marking of a new chapter – an impulse for cultural renewal.  The penetrating analyses of this new 20-year chapter will be relevant for the next 20 years!
Session 1: The Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn
In this session, the patterns from past conjunctions are uncovered, as well as the possibilities and dangers of this one.  As with all astrological research, these influences work in complicated ways.  Mysteries are discussed and hints offered toward how to assess the energies moving in these times.
Session 2: Star Wisdom and the Destiny of America
The 2020 election year in the United States was one of crisis.  It began with the devastating global pandemic, an impeachment trial of the president, and the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression of 1929.  Just as serious is the pandemic of emotional upheaval and challenges to the very concept of truth, marked by widespread deceptions, disregard for medical and climate science, and the sowing of confusion around election security.  Battles of many kinds roam the streets and the airwaves. 
To better understand the spiritual dimensions of the political drama underway, this session looks at perspectives provided by the planetary and zodiacal configurations that unfolded during the election year.  Explorations focused on the birth chart of America (providing a view of America’s destiny) in relation to current events, and the challenges and opportunities at this time in America’s destiny viewed through the lens of star wisdom.
Session 3: Impulse for Cultural Renewal
The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn marks the beginning of a new chapter – a new cultural impulse that affects humanity’s capacities to discern truth and act wisely, and to reconnect with the beauty of the natural world.
In this session, Brian, Robert, and David conclude their three-part series on the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction with the most serious of the correlates of this celestial event.


Brian Gray
Teacher at Rudolf Steiner College for 38 years, author of star wisdom articles (Journal for Star Wisdom), and presenter of many anthroposophy courses with Wise Cosmos Educational Initiative.

Robert Schiappacasse
Involved for many years in Waldorf education, author of star wisdom articles (Journal for Star Wisdom), and co-author of the book Star Wisdom & Rudolf Steiner.

David Tresemer, PhD
Founder of StarHouse, author of star wisdom articles (Journal for Star Wisdom), co-author of Star Wisdom & Rudolf Steiner, and author of other books.

9/24/2020 - 12/22/2020
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Course length:  Three video recorded sessions, each running approximately 2 hours.
Wise Cosmos Educational Initiative
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