The Lord's Prayer at the Intersections of Existence

Presented By: Lelan Harris
The Executive Director of Wise Cosmos, Lelan Harris, is offering a 10 session interactive online course via Zoom to explore the healing and transformational possibilities inherent within the Lord's Prayer. The course is inspired by the amazing response of participants to Brian Gray's recent presentation (see below). Each session's starting place will be one or more of Rudolf Steiner's indications regarding this prayer, followed by explorations into fascinating implications and practical applications.  Topics include:

The Main Thing
Explore the correspondences between Rudolf Steiner’s Main Exercise, Morning Verse, and Most Important Prayer.  [1 hour, 29 minutes]

Rhythm and Petition
Work with the Daily Rhythms of the Foundation Stone Meditation in harmony with the Seven Petitions of the Lord's Prayer.  [1 hour, 18 minutes]

Deliver Us From Evil
Learn how our ego/I is the "pivot point" for successfully working with the Lord's Prayer to experience healing and transformation.  [2 hours, 40 minutes]

Gain insight and practice incarnating spiritual exercises such as the Lord's Prayer to achieve personal integration and transformation.  [3 hours, 8 minutes]

Human life cannot be comprehended as a cycle or even a spiral, but rather as a moving lemniscate that also considers as a reality the time spent in the spiritual world between death and rebirth.  [3 hours, 15 minutes]

Course participants share their discoveries and questions . . . their imaginations, inspirations, and intuitions . . . plus the personal growth and spiritual development they are experiencing.  [2 hours, 55 minutes]

Exoteric & Esoteric
“It is certainly striking that in the seven petitions of the Lord’s Prayer we actually meet all the basic concepts of spiritual science.” ~ Rudolf Steiner

Sacred Geometry
Embody and ensoul the Lord's Prayer through line, triangle, square, circle, star, and lemniscate movements. 

“What Ails Thee?”
The Lord’s Prayer as a practical tool for both diagnosing and healing our physical body, etheric body, astral body, and ego/I.

Never Again Trespass Another Person or Feel Trespassed Against
Learning the fifth petition path from mirroring to empathy to compassion.


Introduction to The Lord's Prayer
by Brian Gray
presented at FRAC 
April 24, 2020

Brian Gray, retired director of the Foundations in Anthroposophy program at Rudolf Steiner College, recently offered an inspiring online presentation. He introduced many of the esoteric elements that Rudolf Steiner expounded upon in a series of lectures dedicated to the topic of the Lord's Prayer. The presentation was hosted by the Front Range Anthroposophical Café (FRAC), which graciously provided us with a link to the recording of the presentation (see below).

In response to the exceptional interest and requests of participants, Brian and the Wise Cosmos team compiled these additional resources to accompany the recording:
-- Screenshots from the presentation
-- Lord's Prayer interpretation given by Rudolf Steiner to Helen Hecker
-- The Lord's Prayer and a Baby - A Rudolf Steiner Story

Brian's FRAC Video:

Additional Resources:'


A Little Background on Lelan

Lelan has worked with the Lord's Prayer since being introduced to it at an early age. Over the past 15 years, his appreciation for the prayer's significance has been deepened by Rudolf Steiner's insights.  His awareness of the prayer's inherent power for healing and transformation has increased with practice. The Lord's Prayer truly weaves through every aspect of life and connects us with the Cosmos in amazing ways!

Lelan is a founder and the executive director of Wise Cosmos Educational Initiative. He is an experiential explorer and integrative practitioner of many human development and spiritual paths. For Lelan, every day offers the adventure of discovering the wisdom of the Cosmos -- God in every guise -- plus endless opportunities to share the bountiful treasures with others through healing, coaching, and leadership.

Lelan has been married to Julie for over 30 years, and among their greatest delights together is playing in and with nature through every season, ecosystem, and altitude.

5/21/2020 - 7/30/2020
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (PDT, GMT/UTC -7)
LIVE ONLINE sessions via Zoom will be offered on most Thursdays between May 21 and July 30, 2020 from 5:00 - 6:00 PM Pacific Time (UTC-7).  We hope as many people as possible will join us to offer their experiences, insights, and questions.
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