What are people saying?

We are already receiving testimonials from people all over the world who have been inspired by our initial YouTube videos. Here are a few notes from people who are excited about all the new offerings coming soon from the Wise Cosmos Educational Initiative.

I have been searching the internet on the topic of freedom, and stumbled across Brian Gray’s videos on The Philosophy of Freedom. The lectures have helped me tremendously, providing me with the kind of insights I have been seeking my entire adult life.

In my research to prepare for teaching an Astronomy block, I "bumped" into your lecture series on Human Being and the Stars. At first, I was apprehensive by the idea of having to sit through 10 hours of lecture! But I must say that I was blown away with his lectures. It not only helped me in preparing my lessons, it is helping me in my life.

I'm most of all interested in anthroposophical medicine. We must understand the whole human being and the whole cosmos so that we can heal. A friend shared a link to one of your videos. I think we can say that the spiritual world brought us together. Your collective work brings to my mind new questions and makes me want to research more.