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Living in Love in the Service of Michael - Inspiring Humanity's Path Forward Into Freedom

In this inspiring presentation, Brian Gray describes humanity’s path forward.  ​The Archangel ​Michael serves as "the countenance of Christ", illuminating our path to becoming Spirits of Freedom and Love.  Rudolf Steiner gives profound descriptions of the true nature of love in many sources mentioned in this presentation.  To this is added the verse, "Victorious Spirit!", which holds the key to progress on our path of development, how we can live in love in the service of Michael and the Christ.

Becoming the Countenance of the Archangel Michael: From Allegiance to Alignment to Relationship to Partnership

This Michaelmas presentation begins with the imaginations of Christ as the image of the invisible God and Archangel Michael as the countenance of Christ.  To this is added observations about what it means in our time to be identified as a "Michaelic" human being -- that is, people whose visage, quality of presence, and actions manifest the archangelic presence and activity of Michael. This leads to considerations about steps and stages along the path to becoming the countenance of Michael. 

Parzival and the Star Wisdom of Wolfram von Eschenbach

This course may well be described as "the ultimate Parzival".  Never before has Brian had the time and opportunity to share all his research about this transformative tale of a brave man, slowly wise. Wolfram von Eschenbach’s medieval poem Parzival holds cosmic secrets for our time. We will explore each of the story’s 16 “books” or chapters over 17 sessions, studying its zodiacal structure and drawing upon Rudolf Steiner’s profound insights concerning the Arthurian, Grail, and Parzival streams to light our path.

The Lord's Prayer at the Intersections of Existence

This 10-session online course provides over 28 hours of content exploring the healing and transformational possibilities inherent within the Lord's Prayer. The course is inspired by the amazing response of participants to Brian Gray's Introduction to the Lord's Prayer presentation. Each session's starting place includes study of Rudolf Steiner's indications regarding this most important prayer, plus explorations into fascinating implications and practical applications.

Start Seeing Spiritual Portals!

  • Have you ever stepped between two boulders and felt a shiver of transition?
  • Have you ever walked into the midst of a triangle or circle or square of trees and felt a spiritual presence?
  • Have you ever experienced the wind speak?
  • Has your heart ever skipped a beat when a spirit animal appeared out of nowhere?
  • Has your body ever shivered in the presence of a sunrise or sunset?
  • Has your soul ever ignited at the precise moment of a solar or lunar eclipse?
A thin place describes a moment in time and space when the sacred and the secular touch, when the existential distance between the physical and spiritual worlds suddenly but softly disappears.

Whitsun 2020: World Pandemic as Universal Pentecost

Beginning with observations of parallels between the first Pentecost in 33 AD and Whitsun 2020, we explore how today's worldwide pandemic is a true gift from the spiritual world.  Specific action steps are offered that will enable us to step forward into our identity and destiny as divine messengers of Freedom and Love, capable of perceiving and partnering with the spiritual world to overcome the crises of our time.

Other Notable Content

The Cosmic Picture at Michaelmas 2020 - How It Can Inform Us About the Powers That Wait on Our Noble Deeds

When we live together with the natural processes of the year's course, then in the Autumn season our attention is rightly drawn to the dramatic images Rudolf Steiner brought forth of the Archangel Michael's cosmic battle and triumph over the Dragon.  In this timely presentation, Mary Stewart Adams shares an imagination that serves as a backdrop, including descriptions of the star picture of the divine feminine and the serpent, as well as how to enliven this picture through imaginative cognition.  Mary then places this recurring imagination within the context of the star picture specific to 2020, which includes the central role of the Earth in the cosmic Mystery of Golgotha and the signature of the once-every-20-years Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter.

Star Wisdom and the Destiny of America: The Drama of 2020

We are living in a year during which Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are meeting in the heavens, which is very unusual.  From the earth's point of view, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction takes place every 20 years, but the last time there was this kind of close mutual interplay with Pluto was 1285.  Our research has shown astonishing interconnections between these planetary interweavings, world events, and the 2020 election year.
The crisis that election year 2020 presents is on the minds and hearts of many of us. This offering is intended as a contribution to each individual’s understanding of the challenges and opportunities at this time in America’s destiny, in the light of star wisdom.

StarWisdom at StarHouse

Hypothesis: Your first breath was not random.
This video is for everyone seeking an introduction to understanding their personal biography through anthroposophic astrology, which is called astrosophy ("star wisdom"). Astrosophy is a tool that can affirm the wisdom in one’s biography - revealing the mysteries that weave together each individual's lifetime of triumphs and tragedies.  Learn how your life may be influenced by astronomical dynamics and the beings in the heavens who have supported you since conception.

Astrology of Plagues: Pandemics in the Light of Star Wisdom

The pandemic presently gripping the world shows signs of continuing to harass humanity for some time.  A study of pandemics through history reveals interesting patterns.  Spiritual science helps us to find causes and responses, assisted by an understanding of events in the life of Christ.  Seen historically or mytho-poetically, exploring these patterns and responses can strengthen us to deal with our challenging times.

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One of the first qualities that must be cultivated by people who want to achieve independent perception of higher realities is unreserved and unbiased devotion to what human life and the world outside us has to reveal.

If we approach any phenomenon with a preconceived notion derived from our life as it has been until now, we shut ourselves off from the quiet yet pervasive influence this phenomenon can have on us.

While learning, we must be able at any moment to make ourselves into a totally empty vessel into which the world we do not know can flow.

Moments of recognition happen only when any prejudice or criticism coming from us is silenced.

For instance, it makes no difference whether we are wiser than the person we are meeting – even a child with minimal understanding has something to disclose to the greatest sage."

- Rudolf Steiner, Theosophy

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